Main Eats

chef-inspired menu

Kitchen Open until 12am (12:30am on weekends)


Inkwell Fries

Fine herbs & sea salt or fire spiced

Beef Tallow Waffle Fries

Fennel-garlic roast pork, garlic aioli, chimichurri

Roasted Brie Wheel

Roasted grapes, fig jam, herbed crostini

Twice Fried Wings

Vegetable crudite, creamy gorgonzola, choose smoked salt & vinegar rub, honey horseradish or classic red hot

Main Dishes

Skillet Baked Mac

Southern style baked to order, five cheeses, please allow twenty minutes. $3 roast fennel-garlic pork or $5 garlic shrimp

Inkwell Smash
$14 single/ $18 double

1/4 Angus smash burger, extra sharp horseradish American cheese, ale braised onions, pickles, sauce

Masala Grilled Chicken Sandwich

Raita slaw, shaved cucumber, cilantro, mint, pickled onion, roasted jalapeno, grilled ciabatta

Charred Tomato Scampi
$22 (PB)

Linguini pasta, cherry tomato, kale, garlic confit, sherry wine, herbs & almond ‘parmesan’. garlic shrimp +5

Skirt Steak Frites

Marinated pan roasted skirt steak, sunflower chimichurri, beef tallow fries, smoked sea salt


Add Masala Grilled Chicken Breast + $6, Marinated Skirt Steak + $8, Garlic Shrimp + $8

Minced Kale Salad

Peppered yolk dressing, roasted sunflower seeds, charred lemon, pecorino snow

Wilted Brussels Sprouts Salad
$16 (PB)

Baby arugula, mango, smokey almonds, razor onions, cranberries, honey-fennel & lemon vin

Truffle Spiked Burrata & Heirloom Tomatoes

Pickled melon, maple-chile honey, basil, arugula.


Cast Iron Chocolate Cake

Mascerated berries with basil & mint, baked to order please allow twenty minutes

Vegan Caramel Monkey Bread

Roasted apples, coconut donut glaze

Sundae School

Molten snickers, warm chocolate chip cookie, thrifty ice cream, whipped cream and a cherry on top

Charcuterie Boards


Chef's choice. Three artisan meats. Pickled goodies, mostarada, crostini


Chef's choice. Three artisan cheeses served with a rosemary fig jam.

Meats & Cheeses
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